For about a decade, I've been looking for professional Cut and Sew contractors in the NY area factory who specializes in sewing Jerseys but was always disappointed to learn that good companies were hard to find.  To  my realization, Cut and Sew (such as T-shirts & Sweatshirts) factories are more popular in Canada and California but very limited findings in the NY areas.   For this reason, my T-shirts & Sweatshirts were mostly made in California, Japan and Canada.  For the past months, I've been visiting factories in the New York areas and attending Fabric shows and had received countless feedbacks and tips from people I've met.   To my surprise, after visiting 5 factories in 2 weeks, I finally found someone around the NY area, so I just sent out the fabrics and patterns to make samples for our new sweatshirts.  I'm hoping for a good turnout….


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