Lately, a lot of the background BGM are lo-fi hip-hop in my studio.  A Lo-fi hip-hop is a kind of music that is based on instrumental hip-hop beat, sometimes some old-fashioned effects are applied just in time. Our current apparel design is a combination of both modern and old-fashion design. 

 Lo-fi hip hop radio

 I’ve been curious about death metal artwork since I created the graphics for the "Slack Logo T-shirts" that was released last season. At that time, I was also influencing for emo rap and Atlanta hip-hop artworks such as "Kenny Mason" and "nothing nowhere". 

So I inquired from an Indonesian artist "Mr Robi MuhaRomhs" whose specialty is death metal artworks on how to go about creating this.

This image was completed by him.

I also wanted the retro logo of the 1980s incorporated into this graphic. The logos of video games in the 80s fascinated me and also the logos of detective dramas like "Miami Vice" and the "Synthwave.


I reached out to a British graphic designer whose specialty is 80s retro logo graphic design. After retouching the "Death metal influence logo" the image below was completed.



 lofi hip hop radio



グラフィックを "Mr Robi MuhaRomhs" に依頼した。デスメタルのアートワークを手掛けるインドネシアのアーティストです。



その時代のグラフィック・デザインを得意とするイギリスのグラフィックデザイナーに依頼。リタッチ後、下画像のような「Macross NY (マクロスNY)ロゴT-shirts」が完成しました。

"NEW YORK”のフォントは今は無き某デパートのロゴを引用。新しいEXPANSIONのロゴを採用したT-shirtsです。





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