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Hip-Hop CARS


Speaking of HIP HOP cars, the "Mazda MPV" is that car !

NY hip-hop artist Biz Markie started the trend of riding the "Mazda MPV" in 1989. Then DJ Premier, Notorious BIG, Big L, Artifacts, Prodigy, Fat Joe, Diamond D and others owned them as their favorite car. In the 90’s, the "Mazda MPV" became quite popular in New York.

The fact that these cars appeared in the lyric of the famous song "C.R.E.A.M." released in 1994 by NY rap group "Wu-Tang Clan" is a well-known fact, these group of young rappers have also been able to make a name for themselves in the HIP-HOP world.

Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Official HD Video)

The song “C.R.E.A.M." is one of Wu-Tang Clan’s biggest hits. This song is the number one Hip Hop song for new Hip Hop listeners. The first verse sung by rapper "Raekwon" got so famous to the extent that people automatically chorus it in clubs.

1:16 ~

"Rollin' in MPV's, every week we made forty G's"

The edgy lyric that translates to "I lived by delivering drugs using MVP van every week and earned $ 40,000 ".

Throughout the 80s and 90s New York was going through a recession. In 1992 alone they had 2154 murders in New York and no job opportunities. It became common for people to sell drugs to survive during this period. The "Mazda MPV" has a lot of historical background dating back to the Hip Hop culture in NY.

The Raekwon's lyrics "We made forty G's", "Mazda MPV" and "NY 90's scenery" are airbrushed on the T-shirts.  This T-shirts is dedicated to the 90`s HIP HOP fans.




HIP HOPな車といえば、それは「マツダ MPVで間違いないでしょう。

1989年にNYのヒップホップアーティスト「ビズ・マーキー」が乗り始めたことで人気に火が点き「DJプレミア」、「ノトーリアス・B.I.G」、「ビッグL」、「アーティファクツ」、「プロディジー」、「ファット・ジョー」、「ダイアモンド D」たちが愛車として所有しました。


Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. (Official HD Video)

ヒップホップ初級者でも馴染みのある『C.R.E.A.M. (クリーム)』は、この曲なしでは「ウータン・クラン」は語れないという名曲。ラッパー「レイクウォン」が歌う最初のバース(曲部分)のリリックはつい口ずさんでしまうほど有名です。

 1:16 ~

"Rollin' in MPV's, every week we made forty G's"


 『毎週MVPのバンで麻薬のデリバリーをして440万円稼いで生きていた』というエッジの効いたリリックが印象的。80年から90年代不況が続くNYは麻薬取引等の犯罪が増加しており、1992年には2154件の殺人事件があったと聞きます。仕事がない時代、生活する上で薬物を売るという選択はありふれていました。NYの様々な歴史背景を感じさせるのが、この「マツダ MPVなのです。

今回ご紹介するT-shirtsには、レイクウォンのリリックの一部のWe made forty G’s と「マツダ MPV90年代のNY」をエアーブラシ・タッチで落とし込みました。分かる人には分かる"メッセージを込めたT-shirtsです


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Lately, a lot of the background BGM are lo-fi hip-hop in my studio.  A Lo-fi hip-hop is a kind of music that is based on instrumental hip-hop beat, sometimes some old-fashioned effects are applied just in time. Our current apparel design is a combination of both modern and old-fashion design. 

 Lo-fi hip hop radio

 I’ve been curious about death metal artwork since I created the graphics for the "Slack Logo T-shirts" that was released last season. At that time, I was also influencing for emo rap and Atlanta hip-hop artworks such as "Kenny Mason" and "nothing nowhere". 

So I inquired from an Indonesian artist "Mr Robi MuhaRomhs" whose specialty is death metal artworks on how to go about creating this.

This image was completed by him.

I also wanted the retro logo of the 1980s incorporated into this graphic. The logos of video games in the 80s fascinated me and also the logos of detective dramas like "Miami Vice" and the "Synthwave.


I reached out to a British graphic designer whose specialty is 80s retro logo graphic design. After retouching the "Death metal influence logo" the image below was completed.



 lofi hip hop radio



グラフィックを "Mr Robi MuhaRomhs" に依頼した。デスメタルのアートワークを手掛けるインドネシアのアーティストです。



その時代のグラフィック・デザインを得意とするイギリスのグラフィックデザイナーに依頼。リタッチ後、下画像のような「Macross NY (マクロスNY)ロゴT-shirts」が完成しました。

"NEW YORK”のフォントは今は無き某デパートのロゴを引用。新しいEXPANSIONのロゴを採用したT-shirtsです。





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Modern computer was inspired by the Jacquard fabrics

A little intro of jacquard fabric which makes it more special than other fabrics. The most unique and rich part of the jacquard fabric is that it has three-dimensional bump textile which makes it divine and elegant. ⠀


More importantly, the Jacquard fabric is a textured fabric that has complex patterns woven, rather than printed or embroidered on top. It is an extremely time-consuming process to make. There are limited facilities in the world and the process is labor-intensive and the production is very low. Accordingly, this fabric is more expensive than typical woven fabrics, probably 2 to 3 times more. ⠀

プリントまたは刺繍されているのではなく、複雑な模様を直接編み込んでいる生地です。限られた織物工場しかなく、生産するのに手間のかかる生地でもあります。そして生産量も低い。 なので通常の生地より約2倍高く売られております。

In 1804, French inventor from weaving family, Joseph Marie Jacquard invented an important textile "Jacquard" which kickstarted the automation of the weaving industry. The Jacquard loom was the first programmable machine to the punched cards. Later, went on to influence world first computer programmer Charles Babbage. So don`t forget Jacquard fabric is considered an important step towards modern computers which you are looking at now. ⠀



So here I am, introducing my 2020 Spring/Summer collections which Expansion NY just released the Jacquard fabric shirts bucket hats and shorts. I spend so many hours and days to find and handpick this Jacquard geometric pattern. In my head, I could imagine wearing this matching Jacquard fabric shirts and shorts relaxing in a Caribbean island holding a pina colada cocktail and smoking a Cuban cigar.⠀


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